WELCOME TO THE TWILIGHT LANDS, the unapologetic turf of the crews with the timeless tattoos and sunwelded tans. skintight diesels over bronze, when it comes to heartbreak theyre the usual suspects, unforgiven cons.

        We are the youth of the nation and somewhere below that red neon sign in italics there in the crowded line is salvation. a motto that swells here where everyone tries sans amicable goodbyes, so easy to tell.

        These starlet highlights with the latest gears, sweet dears. 'got a light or a min, maybe both?' the cheap cliches come served on trays. its a kind of groove the way it moves. these speeds evolved from split second needs, smiles, words, flirtacious tools of fractions for the hypersonic attractions. here's looking at you. the corazon aint gone.

        Ground's pitch black blending whites and yellow on and off reds and greens the jungle's gotta be seen: it's the metaphorical roof of the world, the himalaya and within the range looking around a solemn prayer. for you are my light. through the longing shake the heart ache sharing numbers and blunders to make it through the fast lane remember the name.

        We all made it into the world alone infused with a life by a loving silence, now it amplifies the beat robbing the soul of the loneliness violence. there's too much to do spent talking, engage and forgive the jaywalking. we're invited to the nights that only get younger where the seatbelt signs in the empty alleys fire up the jetfuelled hearts on runways. its the allstar symphonies of the second millennium.

        No time to buckle up sadness, lifes too fragile for supercharged madness. 'All those beautiful tears shed' thats what they said

        So near's the pulse holding onto an alluring future smizing in Gucci leather together pushing through the night somewhere better.