wakin up to designed scandinavian fluorescent jive furnished alive. it's staying dear this idea reminiscing ikea right here. we build living like its a room. life's found in the small and so soon we forget something bigger and brighter to figure.

        wherever you're at I'm not pretending to be lending any streetwise you already sport, not calling it out, take it for what it is with hells of doubt. don't buy into the undeterred that comes with fast lines without thinking cause thats shrinking. see the soul's one man's sea and his morals it's reefs. what good is an ocean with its beauty bereaved.

        the projects intrigue or made ivy league stay clean, stay in school and stay away from skateboarding like its cool. dont work to get the last say, walk the line to make it through the day and let instead the light of your example speak of your way. its not about winning or losing everyone against the next. we're better off if we all have a chance to make it: a pretty valorous pretext. believe in yourself and the goodness of others, be a real and honest inspiration void of jealous inclination. we're the light of the world, don't relieve that inner word.